Here are the new workshops for 2024!


  Ida's Floating Twill

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  Floating Twill  - Instructor: Ida Atkinson

Start with a 10" circular base and weave this lovely basket upto 13-15" H x 12-12.5" across.  Six to eight rows of dyed reed in a regular or not so regular twill pattern float in the middle third of the basket. Handles may be added.

Material Fee: $30-40

Skill Level:  Basic under/over (weaving) experience desirable

Enrollment: min. 3 - max. 8

Workshop fee: $70

Tools to bring to class: Bring a bucket to soak your reed, scissors, tape measure, pencil, old towel, clothespins, travel mug, jack or utility knife, and any basket tools that you may have.

Time: Saturday - All day class 


  Ida's Woven Heart Basket

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   Woven Heart Basket - Instructor: Ida Atkinson

Come and weave a small trinket basket for yourself or someone that you love. There will be two choices of sizes to personalize to your preference.  Add a touch of color: traditional red or perhaps red and navy for the Americana look.

Skill level: all

Enrollment: Min 3. Max 8

Material fee:  $3-5

Workshop fee: $40

Materials to bring to class: Bring a bucket to soak your reed, scissors, tape measure, pencil, old towel, clothespins, travel mug, jack or utility knife, and any basket tools that you may have

Time: Friday AM - Half Day Class


Kathy's Ceramic Buttons

Ceramic Button work

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Ceramic Buttons - Instructor: Kathleen Banks

Design and create your own durable stoneware buttons for your latest handmade garment or basket! Fun, exciting and relaxing - the possibilities are endless when creating hand-built buttons.

We will be using 2 types of stoneware: a smooth, white clay and a groggy (flecked), dark red-brown clay. On Friday morning, we will roll and shape our buttons using cutters, knives and molds. We'll experiment with texture using ferns and other plant material, lace, embossed paper and stamps (dragonflies! sea turtles!) We can leave some smooth and blank for decorative underglaze work.

 I will fire the buttons Friday evening and we will glaze our work Saturday afternoon using glazes and underglazes in a lovely palette of colors. Back to the kiln Saturday evening and your pieces will be ready on Sunday.

I will mail them to you if you are unable to pick them up. Each participant will take home between 1 and 3 dozen buttons depending on size and complexity.

Skill level: all skill levels are welcome

Enrollment: 3 - 6

Workshop fee: $90, includes all materials, tools and 2 firings


Materials students need to bring: an apron if desired, any textures or stamps you'd like to try, size measurements and/or color swatch for a specific project


Time: 6 hour class divided into 2 half days: Fri AM and Sat PM

Note: Registration fee is $10 for the 2 day class



  Mary D Patches 1

Mary D Patches 2

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  Kawandi - Patch Quilting from India
Instructor: Mary Delano

Join Fiber Artist Mary DeLano to explore an adaptation of Kawandi - a quilting technique developed by the Siddi people of Western India. This technique combines piecing and quilting into one step. Fabric patches are quilted to a backing, from the edge of the quilt to its center, using large running stitches. Design decisions are made as each patch is added to the quilt. Every quilt is unique, bearing evidence of the quilter's "hand" and design aesthetic in its composition.

Mary will offer a choice of two kits for this class. One will consist of wool patches on a wool background, with a special piece of wool on which a piece of tie has transferred its dye. The other will include naturally dyed and eco printed fabrics with a cloth backing. Mary will reach out to students before the class to find out which kit each student prefers, as well as any color preferences.

Students should bring to class: Sewing scissors

Skill Level: all levels welcome
Enrollment: Minimum 3, maximum 10
Workshop fee: $100 includes kit

Time: Friday - All Day Class


Carol's Yarn Hooked Ornaments 2 2023

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Yarn Hooked Ornaments - Instructor: Carol Dennison

Christmas in July.  It's not too early to begin your holiday decorating.  We will create a hanging ornament hooked with yarn, using your choice of pattern suggestions and finished with a wool felt backing. Techniques learned can be expanded to coasters and larger hot pads as future projects.

Class fee: $30

Materials fee:  $25 payable to instructor on the day of class. KIt ncludes linen, hoop, hook, pattern instructions, backing and yarn to complete the ornament. Additional materials will be available for sale.

Students should bring to class:  small scissors for clipping yarn ends.

Time: Sunday PM Half  Day Class 




fabric basket

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Woven Fabric Baskets    - Instructor: Teresa Hall

Turn 2 1/2" strips of fabric into a lovely woven basket with this no-sew project. You can use a jelly roll or cut strips of fabric. In the class, you will build a basket that is 3 1/2x3 1/2x4 (small). But you will learn the skills to make many other sizes: 2x2x3 (teeny), 5x5x4 1/2 (medium), 3 1/2x3 1/2x5 (tall), or 7x7x3 (large). These baskets are more than pretty, they have many uses. Put a jar in the tall basket and use it as a vase, use the medium basket to corral all your remotes or as a napkin holder, use the teeny or small baskets for your snips and bits of thread, or use the large basket as a "Catch-All" on your dresser. Plus they make great gifts. This class REQUIRES  approximately 2 hours of homework; instructions will be sent to you when you register.


Skill Level: All skill levels welcome

Enrollment: 2 - 8

Workshop Fee: $30.


 Time: - Friday PM - Half day class


  Teresa'a Ornament

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  No-Sew Fabric 4th of July Ornament -Instructor: Teresa Hall

These completely no-sew ornaments are fun and easy to do. They are made on a 3" styrofoam ball using fabric squares and pins. They are not toys so please keep away from children & pets. The kit includes all the materials necessary to create a no-sew 4th of July ornament. This includes blue star fabric, red striped fabric, white sparkle fabric, straight pins, beads, sequins, a styrofoam ball, satin ribbons, metallic ribbon, and a star flag charm.

Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome
Enrollment: 2-10
Workshop Fee: $30.
Kit Fee: $20

Time: Sunday AM - Half Day Class

K. Hawthorne main photo

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  Round & Round with Wool & Machines
A Fellowship of Cranks, Pins, Drums & Wool

Instructor: Kathleen Hawthorne

Let's explore what kind of machine fits your needs. Test drive carders, make batts & spin yarn In this 6 hour class you will make an assortment of batts using a variety of colors and textured fibers. Well Blended batts to chunky art and tweedy batts. The fun continues after lunch as you turn your batt creations into yarn. If you are a felter we can discuss options.

Skill Level:  No experience necessary for carding. Experience with using a  spinning wheel or drop spindle
Enrollment: 3-6
Workshop Fee: $75 includes a 4 oz kit of wool & add in luxury fibers (your color family choice TBD)

Items to bring to class: Bring your well functioning wheel or spindle
Drum Carders Provided: 
8" Manual Brother Drum Carder
8" Manual Classic Drum Carder (UK)      
6" Manual Classic Compact Drum Carder (UK)  
8" Manual Straunch Drum Carder                
8" Electric Straunch Drum Carder
4" Louet Junior Drum Carder

 Time: Friday - All Day Class
- All Day Class (Not a 2 day class)
  Toe Up Sock

Toe Up Socks

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  Introduction to Toe-Up Socks -Instructor: Donna Kay

This workshop is for the knitter who wants to learn how to knit a traditional sock from the toe up. You will knit a child size sock in class. Toes, gussets, heels, ribbing options, and an elastic bind off will be covered. You will leave with a pattern for adult size socks.  

Skill Level: Open to all with basic knitting skills, must be comfortable using double-point needles.

Materials List: Set of double-point needles US size 6 or 7, 50 grams of a smooth, light color worsted weight yarn, safety pin marker.

Materials Fee: $7 folder, handouts, adult pattern

Workshop Fee: $40

Time: Friday AM - Half Day Class
  Celtic Cable

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  Celtic Heart Cable Knit Scarf - Instructor: Donna Kay

Learn how to knit cables and follow a chart as you begin this beautiful Celtic Heart Cable Scarf. A color-coded chart that will help you navigate your way through the stitch pattern with ease. The Celtic Heart cable pattern is worked in one direction for half of the scarf and reversed for the second half for a perfectly symmetrical look. It works up quickly in a super bulky yarn.  

Skill Level: Open to all with basic knitting skills who is ready to learn cabling from a chart

Materials List: US# 11 (10") single points or 24" circular needles, 300 yards of a smooth super bulky (weight #6) yarn, large cable needle, pencil, or pen for notes. (Note: sample uses 3 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn)

Materials Fee: $5 folder, handouts, pattern.

Workshop Fee: $40

Time: Friday PM - Half Day Class

Drum Carding

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Drum Carding - Basics and Beyond

Instructor: Donna Kay

An introduction to using a drum carder. Donna will demonstrate how to card locks, create layers, stripes, and texture! She will share hints on blending colors and fibers, how to rejuvenate "tired" fibers and plan for larger projects. We will be creating "batts" using wools (washed locks and commercial preparations), alpaca, mohair, angora and silks. You will spin small sample skeins and leave with enough carded preparations to continue spinning at home.  

Skill Level: Open to all who are interested in learning about drum carding.


Materials List: No drumcarder needed. Spinning wheel in good working condition and a niddy noddy. Fiber will be provided. Pen or pencil for notes.


Materials Fee: $25 for 4 + ounces of carded preparations, folder, and handout


Workshop Fee: $80

Time: Sunday - Full Day Class


handspinning 2

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  Hand Spinning - the Next Step Instructor: Donna Kay

This class is for the spinner who wants to become more confident - whether you're just starting out or haven't spun for a while and need a refresher. The focus will be on the basics: adjusting your wheel, drafting techniques, yarn size, spinning different fiber preparations and plying. This is the perfect workshop for helping you to move forward with your spinning!  

Skill Level: Open to all who can spin a continuous yarn.

Materials to bring to class: Spinning wheel in good working condition, 3 bobbins, lazy kate and niddy noddy. Wool will be provided.
Materials Fee: $20 - Folder, handouts, approximately 4 ounces of spinning fibers.  

Workshop Fee: $80

Time: Saturday - Full Day Class

Bowl full of heads

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  Wool Felted Ornaments - Instructor Betsey Leslie

Think Christmas and beyond! Fun for all levels from beginner to advanced felters. We will be creating 3 hanging  ornaments and a self standing figure combining wet and needle felting techniques. First we will wet felt the styrofoam balls with wool and then use felting needles in different sizes to sculpt wool onto the base for these great 3D ornaments.Including Santa, snowmen or snow women and the knowledge to make an original design.All of the wool is hand dyed specially for this class and everything you need for materials is provided.

Skill level: All
Workshop Fee: $80

Material Fee: $40 This includes felting needles (3 diff sizes),foam pad, glass cheese shaker, twine , roving and white curls for Santa. Extra materials will be available for purchase so you can continue more ornaments at your leisure.

 Time: Friday - Full Day Class
  Needle Felted Chickadee

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  Needle Felted Chickadee - Instructor: Betsey Leslie

Birds are a great introduction to needle felting sculptures. You will learn how to create a wireless core and to shape the wool with different sizes of felting needles for the body. Then the legs and feet are created with wire and floral tape. The completed chickadee will be perched on a pine cone and finished with glass eyes.

Skill level: All
Enrollment: 8
Workshop fee: $40

Materials : $35 - Kits include : 3 felting needles, foam pad , core wool, roving which has been hand dyed for this project ,pine cone, twine, wire and glass eyes. Everything is included and extra supplies will be available for purchase .

Time: Saturday AM - Half Day Class
  Needle Felted Cardinal

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   Needle Felted Blue Jay or Cardinal

Instructor: Betsey Leslie

These birds are colorful and larger than the Chickadee with more intricate detail. A fun way to create your favorite bird by learning how to shape and sculpt with wool using various sizes of felting needles. The finer needles help define those specific markings that make these birds so special.They will have wire legs and glass eyes. I will have materials for both birds available so you can choose the day of the  class. Also choose between handmade grapevine wreath or Extra large pine cone.

Skill level: All
Enrollment: 8
Workshop Fee: $40

Materials $40. - Kits include: 3 felting needles, 1 foam pad, core wool, roving ( hand dyed for this project), Twine, wire, glass eyes and extra large pine cone or handmade grapevine wreath .Everything is included and extra supplies will be available for purchase.

Time: Saturday PM - Half Day Class
  Betsey's Nuno Felted Scarf

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Nuno Felted Scarf - Instructor: Betsey Leslie

Nuno is the Japanese word for cloth and this particular technique was developed by an Australian fiber Artist. You will be creating a wool fiber sandwich with silk chiffon fabric in the middle. Loose wool fibers are saturated with soapy water and coaxed through the silk to felt with the wool fibers on the other side . The lightweight fabric created drapes beautifully and it is so thin that it can be seen through when held to the light.

Enrollment: 8

Workshop fee: $80.


Materials fee: $45 payable to instructor on the day of class, includes bubble wrap,  netting, a felting stone, a foam block w/ 2 felting needles. You choose your palette with hand dyed merino, natural Border Leicester, cashmere, Masham long wool curls and silk chiffon fabric


 Time: Sunday - All day Class


  Secret Belgian Binding

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  Secret Belgian Binding

Instructor: Anna Low, Purplebean Bindery

Make your own hand-bound beautiful - and useful - journal. The Secret Belgian Binding is a contemporary book binding style with lots of room for creativity, inside and out. The covers can be collaged on, made of recycled material or wood. The spine can be build to allow for extra room, so it's perfect to use as a scrap book, photo album or idea book for your other creative pursuits.

In class we'll use book board covers, weaving them together, and sew in pages. I'll bring all of the tools and supplies you need as well as instructions for you to take home and continue making books. 

Skill Level: no experience necessary
Enrollment 10 maximum, 5 minimum
Workshop Fee: $85 per student, including supplies

Time: Sunday - Full Day


  Zhen Xian Bao

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Zhen Xian Bao - Chinese Thread Books

Instructor: Anna Low, Purplebean Bindery

Zhen Xian Bao is a traditional Chinese "book" with origami-like folded boxes used to store thread and needles. One of the many magical things about these books is the stacking of flat-folding paper boxes, so there are hidden boxes under boxes, under boxes. While they remain great for holding embroidery supplies, they are also fun for love notes, small, flat treasures or as elaborate greeting cards. I'll bring all the tools and supplies you'll need and instructions for you to take home after class. 

Skill Level: no experience necessary
Enrollment: 10 maximum, 5 minimum
Workshop Fee: $40 including supplies

Time: Friday PM - Half Day Class


Eliz Red Bird


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Beginner Rug Hooking Workshop

- Instructor: Elizabeth Miller

Would you like to learn the heritage art of North American rug hooking in an easy going, relaxed environment?  You will have your choice of one of the 12" x 12" patterns shown to color plan to your own preferences.

Workshop will include:   Introduction to traditional rug hooking including some history of the craft, an overview of styles, how to choose appropriate hooking wools and other materials, tools, rules (there aren't too many!), tips, and tricks, and getting started on our  projects. Particular attention will be paid to good and ergonomically healthy technique, troubleshooting typical beginner issues, and creating high quality, durable pieces.

Although you will not complete the entire piece in class, I will also demonstrate steaming, serging, and finishing techniques. Offered finishing techniques will be twill tape binding, pillow making, and whipstitch binding. When it comes time to do these for your piece after the workshop, I will be available online or in-person in my studio by appointment to assist.

Materials included in the materials fee are:   hook - 12" x 1" rug hooking hoop - 12" x 12" pattern hand drawn on high quality serged linen - all wool and materials needed to complete the pattern - printed class materials and resources bound in a folder - rug binding materials (twill tape, corded wool, or yarn) - unlimited access to the instructor for questions and assistance ongoing after the workshop as you complete your piece at home.

Workshop fee: $30

Materials fee: $85

Time: Friday -
All Day Class
 Eliz detail

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Eliz Applique

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A Baker's Dozen: Thirteen Alternative Rug Hooking Techniques/Alternative Materials
Instructor: Elizabeth Miller

*THIS IS A BRING-YOUR-OWN-PATTERN CLASS* but we will first be working on a sampler linen provided by the instructor.

In this fun, exploratory workshop we will be learning a variety of alternative techniques to incorporate into your hooking.

Part 1: We will work on a sampler linen so that you will leave with your own examples of each technique.
Part 2: We will have a discussion of the pattern that you bring with you, consult on your goals for that pattern, and then choose techniques and materials for that project. Students will then have free time to work and have access to the instructor for guidance.

For the Part 1 sampler, the  instructor will provide a kit for each student of materials and embellishments, but you may also bring some of your own if they are special/sentimental to you.

Materials to be included in the kit provided for you:

   20" x 20" linen foundation, serged
   wool fabric
   sari silk
   tee shirt material
   perl cotton
   embroidery floss
   applique materials
   needle felting tools
   acrylic paints and brushes

Techniques to be covered are (but not limited to):

   simple wool applique
   stuffed wool applique
   needle felting within the rug
   simply proddy
   surface chain stitching
   adding beads, gems, buttons
   clipping loops for a shag effect
   "checkerboard" effect with alternating loops
   pulling loops with more than one material at a time
   French knots - real and faux
   acrylic paint techniques on foundation

You will also receive a folder-bound resource packet of all techniques as a reference for after the workshop.

What students need to bring:

   hoop or frame
   small scissors
   any materials that are special to you that you'd like to incorporate in addition to those provided by the instructor 

Please note: for Part 2 of the workshop, the instructor can provide some materials for your specific pattern and embellishments, but please do bring your own as well that you may have chosen in the process of imagining and color planning your piece.Instructor materials for Part 2 will be limited to the amount each student needs for a particular embellishment, not to kit the entire piece.

This is a great opportunity to make an out-of-the-box hooked project and have some fun!  Should you need guidance on a pattern to choose, just get in touch with Elizabeth prior to class at, but almost any pattern will work. Look especially for designs that might benefit from these alternative techniques. 

Workshop fee: $30

Matrerials Fee: $45

Time: Saturday - All Day Class



Twinkle light



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  Twig Globe on Wire Planter Frame
Instructor - Susy Perrine

Create a stunning accent light with a rustic, sparkling presence. Flexible fresh cut twigs will be wired onto circular frame made from two round hanging planters. Add lights to complete a wonderful accent piece to brighten a dark corner or add mood lighting to a special event.

Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome.

Enrollment: 10

Students bring: Two round, wire hanging plant holders
   String of lights, 12- 15' long - electric, battery or solar
   Florist Wire,  24 gauge  OR pipe cleaners to match OR waxed
   cord OR a spool of twist ties 
   Gloves to protect your fingers
   Wire cutters
   Garden clipper
   Florist tape - optional

Find supplies at a garden center, box store or online Waxed cord- in Lewiston

Workshop fee: $35 Includes Willow Twigs

Time: Sunday PM- Half day Class


  Susy's Bagette

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Weave a Bag-ette - Instructor: Susy Perinne

I developed this workshop for MOFGA, Common Ground Country Fair.  Using a simple technique we'll weave a small bag 'petite poche' to hold essentials: phone, id, passport, keys.
Students may bring fun 3/4" or 5/8"  button and  please bring scissors and sewing needle.  All other materials will be available from instructor in kit form.There will be plenty of color choices.

Class fee: $30

Material fee: $30
Kit includes, Handspun wool, felt flap, paracord, large eye needle and more!

Sunday AM - Half  Day Class



Karen's RH Loom 2020


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Rigid Heddle Weaving - Instructor: Karen Smith

This is a great introduction to simple weaving techniques. Using a rigid heddle loom, warp the loom using the direct method, and weave a scarf. Bring your own rigid heddle loom, use one of the instructor's looms or purchase a loom.  Yarn for the warp will be provided but bring your own soft, chunky yarn (200 yards) for the weft.


Skill Level: Weaving experience helpful but not necessary

Enrollment: 4

Workshop fee: $80


Material Fee: $10 paid to the instructor


Materials to bring to class: 200 yards of chunky yarn

Saturday- All day class 



Linda W Sashiko 2020 12

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Sashiko Workshop - Instructor: Linda Whiting  

Sash-i-ko means "little stabs" and this relates to how the stitching is done, a uniform running stitch which holds layers of cloth and filler together for warmth and strengthening clothing, traditionally white stitches on indigo dyed fabric in overall patterns. You will make coasters and a hot pad as you learn about the ins and outs of proper stitching, materials and marking patterns so you get comfortable with the techniques used in traditional Sashiko. Then you can use then to create other household goods, clothing and for quilts on a larger scale.


Skill Level: Quilting or sewing skills helpful.

Enrollment: 10

Workshop fee: $80


Material Fee: $20 payable to instructor on the day of class. Sashiko materials include dark blue project cloth, Sashiko thread and needles, white carbon paper, padding, patterns, and information folder.


Materials to bring to class: Ballpoint pen ( okay if does not write - we just need the point), white marking pencil (available where quilting supplies are sold)

Saturday - All day class 



  Linda's Rainbow #11

Linda's Rainbow Dying 2024 new

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  Rainbow Dyeing- the Adventure Begins 

Instructor: Linda Whiting

Have you ever given thought to dyeing your own fiber but did not know where to start? No need to buy every color of dye on the market, you can make do for a start with just three to make a whole rainbow of colors. Choosing bright colors will give you an entirely different rainbow than choosing more traditional colors, but both will give you a beautiful range of colors, ones that will make your fiber projects sing.

Whether you are a rug hooker choosing to dye fabric or a knitter choosing to dye yarn, this workshop will get you started on the path to the adventure of dyeing your own fiber.

No experience needed, just the desire to create your own colors
Workshop fee: $50
Material fee: $10 includes dyes, use of tools, and booklet of dye information. Dyes will be made up ahead of class no need for dust mask.

Things each student needs to bring to class: at least 12  3-4" squares of wool fabric for rug hookers, or 12 mini skeins of wool yarn 3 yards tied loosely in three places to prevent tie dyeing, apron, gloves if you wish, pen for notes. Important! Please bring 12 small glass jars about the size of jam or relish jars that will be used to dye your samples. (NOTE! They cannot be used for food storage after they have been used for dyeing!)

Time: Friday AM - Half day class 



linda's Zoom 7

Linda's Blue Zoom

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  Beyond Zoom Looms - Pin Weaving On a Higher Plane

Instructor: Linda Whiting  

Zoom looms and Weavette looms are fine for making small squares but what if you aspire to more? What if you have a more adventurous muse who wants to combine different yarns or even add different materials to your weaving. You can weave a larger square or rectangle or even weave a shape or weave to a clothing pattern. Come learn the possibilities!  We will be weaving a larger square which when completed can be used as a pillow top as is, or with borders sewn to the edges to make a larger pillow. It can be lined and made into a clutch bag or to become a pocket or focal element of a garment. Weaving does not always have to be done horizontally. Learn how to create hills and valleys and incorporate various yarns, colors, textures to make your woven piece totally and uniquely your own. We will discuss many ways of using this technique that you can take in whatever direction you choose to go with it.

Skill Level: All skill levels are welcome.
Enrollment: 10
Workshop fee: $80 includes foam base for weaving your square, long weaving needle, fusible interfacing backing.

Materials to bring to class: Package of long, glass-headed quilting pins, scissors, a selection of yarns and other weaving materials (cloth strips, metallic cord, ribbons, etc.  Think about coordinating your colors, and bringing other materials to share with the class. Bulkier  yarns will weave more quickly than finer yarns. Finer yarns could be bundled to bulk them up. Yarns and ribbons can be combined in your weaving. Be creative in your choices. Imagination is the key.

Time: Sunday - All day class
  Marcy Y Punch Needle

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  Oxford Punch Needle for Beginners- chair pad 

Instructor: Marcy Young, Fiber Artist, rug maker 

A beginners class to learn how to use the Oxford Punch Needle for rug making. Learn the basic skills needed to make a rug but starting small with a Circular chair pad. Students will learn some history of rug hooking and punching, materials needed to make the class project of a 12 inch round chair pad. Class will include learning to design a simple project, transfer methods for designs, basic stitch techniques, effects of different yarns and cut wool, and how to finish the chair pad project two ways. Also reviewed will include many other ways to use the Oxford Punch Needle for rugs, mats, table top pieces, wall art, pillows, footstools and many more creative ways. Soon each student will feel the joy of coloring with yarn and cut wool.   The Oxford punch needle and non slip hoops will be available for use during class.

Students should bring to class: a small sharp pair of cloth scissors. Bring a simple design like a child's coloring page that is 3-5 colors.

Workshop fee: $70

Materials fee: $50 includes backing material and yarn to complete this project.( paid directly to the instructor)

Students will have opportunity to purchase Oxford punch needles, non slip hoops, yarn and kits after class.

Time: Saturday - All Day Class


  Marcy Y Lupine

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  Wooly Lupine Bouquet

Instructor: Marcy Young, Fiber Artist, rug maker 

Students will learn how to prepare and create the lupine and then make a small bouquet. This class includes cutting, gluing and making the flowers. Students will be able to make 5-6 lupine stems and either wire them as a door decoration, or complete for a vase at home.

Workshop Fee: $30

Material fee: $25
paid directly to the instructor. Includes wire, wool for flowers and stems and a wide ribbon for decoration.

Time: Friday PM- Half Day Class